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Pamungkas, D. & Ward, K. (2013). Electro-tactile feedback for tele-operation of a mobile robot. 2013 Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (pp. 1-7). Australia: Australian Robotics & Automatioin Association.


It is well known that haptic feedback can facilitate the tele-operation of a remotely controlled robot by providing the user with intuitive tactile and/or force sensations from the robot's interactions with the environment. However, such mechanical haptic feedback systems can be complex, cumbersome, costly and application specific. This paper presents a novel tele-operation haptic feedback system that overcomes many of these limitations by providing electro-tactile feedback to the operator via wireless electrodes placed on the operator's skin. We show that this form feedback can provide a viable substitute for force and tactile feedback systems without the need for mechanical linkages or actuators. Experimental results are provided showing how electro-tactile feedback can facilitate the tele-operation of a mobile robot by improving the user's.