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Freeman, M. Bruce. & Freeman, A. (2013). The game of information systems higher education. Proceedings of the AIS SIG-ED IAIM (pp. 1-14). Italy: SIGed: IAIM.


With continual changes in higher education in the field of Information Systems (IS), educators are faced with the question: how can we actively engage each learner in a way that encourages self-direction while developing the ability to independently solve problems? The unique learning characteristics of adult learners must each be considered in the design of learning experiences in higher education environments. Gamification - the use of gaming elements in non-gaming contexts - is one source of opportunities for new and interesting learning experiences. Through discussion of 12 major gaming elements, this paper considers whether gamification can create innovative learning environments for IS higher education. Practical suggestions for the application of gaming elements, as part of a constructivist approach, are also presented.