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L. Nguyen, F. I. Hai, L. D. Nghiem, J. Kang & W. E. Price, "Coupling powdered activated carbon (PAC) adsorption with membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment for enhanced removal of trace organics," Procedia Engineering, pp. 1410-1411, 2012.


the occurrence of trace organics such as pesticides, pharmaceutically active compounds, natural and synthetic hormones as well as varous industrial compounds in the aquatic environment is of great concern due to their potential adverse effects on human health and those of other biota. Therefore, the removal of these compounds from wastewater is an important consideration to ensure safe drinking water and better protection of the environment. In the literature, several techniques have been explored for trace organics removal, namely, conventional activated sludge, membrane bioreactors (MBRs), and absorptioin. However it has been found that neither MBR nor activated carbon on its own can adequately remove all trace organics of concern.



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