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M. Abdullah, A. P. Agalgaonkar & K. Muttaqi, "Climate change mitigation with integration of renewable energy resources in the electricity grid of new south wales, Australia," Renewable Energy, vol. 66, (June) pp. 305-313, 2014.


The implementation of climate change mitigation strategies may significantly affect the current practices for electricity network operation. Increasing penetration of renewable energy generation technologies into electricity networks is one of the key mitigation strategies to achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Additional climate change mitigation strategies can also contribute to emission reduction thereby supplementing the renewable energy generation participation, which may be limited due to technical constraints of the network. In this paper, the penetration requirements for different renewable energy generation resources are assessed while concurrently examining other mitigation strategies to reduce overall emissions from electricity networks and meet requisite targets. The impacts of climate change mitigation strategies on the demand and generation mix are considered for facilitating the penetration of renewable generation. New climate change mitigation indices namely change in average demand, change in peak demand, generation flexibility and generation mix have been proposed to measure the level of emission reduction by incorporating different mitigation strategies. The marginal emissions associated with the individual generation technologies in the state of New South Wales (NSW) are modelled and the total emissions associated with the electricity grid of NSW are evaluated. 2013 Elsevier Ltd.



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