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Freeman, M. Bruce., Halliwell, M. & Freeman, A. (2013). Social media influence on viewer engagement. International Conference on Information Systems (pp. 3489-3504). United States: Association for Information Systems.


Society is being reshaped through Social Media. The case of Social Media integration into the London 2012 Olympics mainstream media coverage is used to demonstrate this. Social Media has modified television viewing from a passive to an active activity. It has also allowed opinions to be shared more quickly and broadly. Analysis of practical examples through the theoretical lens of sociomateriality demonstrates that greater use of the components in the 'Theoretical Framework of Member Needs' reflect the presence of viewers who are more active. This paper discusses the inability to separate the use of technology from its social context, the power of Social Media and the impact of this on business use of Social Media. It also demonstrates a novel method for evaluating the benefits of emerging technologies in society.