Structuring the influence of latent variables in traveller preference heterogeneity



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Anwar, A. M., Tieu, K., Gibson, P., Berryman, M. & Win, K. T. (2011). Structuring the influence of latent variables in traveller preference heterogeneity. Transportdynamics: Proceedings of the International Conference of the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (pp. 141-148).


The attributes that influence an individual's commuting choice may be very complex. Observed heterogeneity labelled traditional objective choice attributes are able to be incorporated easily into choice models. However, there are also latent heterogeneities that are often overlooked by traditional thinker's transport modellers. This paper deals with the issue of structuring the influence of these latent factors. Six latent factors are considered in grouped under three broad categories: attitude, perception and preference, together with traditional objective choice attributes. After evaluating the indicators of latent factors by factor analytic models, MIMIC structural modeling was employed to analyze the relationship among the latent factors, and between latent factors and objective attributes. All indicators and factors were found to be significant and the model fitted data reasonably well with the evidence of minimal capacity of objective attributes representing latent aspects those are significantly responsible 89.9% to structure the traveller's choice preference.

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