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Chen, X., Zhang, F., Susilo, W., Tian, H., Li, J. & Kim, K. (2014). Identity-based chameleon hashing and signatures without key exposure. Information Sciences, 265 (May), 198-210.


The notion of chameleon hash function without key exposure plays an important role in designing secure chameleon signatures. However, all of the existing key-exposure free chameleon hash schemes are presented in the setting of certificate-based systems. In 2004, Ateniese and de Medeiros questioned whether there is an efficient construction for identity-based chameleon hashing without key exposure. In this paper, we propose the first identity-based chameleon hash scheme without key exposure based on the three-trapdoor mechanism, which provides an affirmative answer to the open problem. Moreover, we use the proposed chameleon hash scheme to design an identity-based chameleon signature scheme, which achieves all the desired security properties.

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