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Ganesalingam, D., Arulrajah, A., Ameratunga, J., Boyle, P. J. & Sivakugan, N. (2011). Geotechnical properties of reconstituted dredged mud. Proceedings from the Pan-AM CGS Geotechnical Conference (pp. 1-7). Toronto, Canada: Pan-Am CGS 2011 Organizing Committee.


In the present study, laboratory tests were undertaken in order to assess the index properties and consolidation characteristics of dredged mud which is excavated during the maintenance dredging works carried out in Port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. These dredged spoils are reused as the fill materials in the major land reclamation project currently undertaken adjacent to the port for expanding the port facitlites. In the laboratory, index properties of dredged mud such as, particle size distuibution, Atterberg limits and specifc gravity were determined. Oedometer tests were conducted to calculate the consolidation properties of dredged mud. Laboratory resuls for consolidation properties ere compared with the design values used in Port. Reasonable agreement can be noticed between the laborator and field compression and recompression ration CR and RR. Field coefficient of consolidaiton cv obtained from back claculation is higher that he laboratory results.