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Duangkhae, S., Bergado, D. T., Baral, P. & Ocay, B. T. (2013). Analyses of reinforced embankment on soft and hard foundations. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Ground Improvement, 167 (1), 2-23.


In this paper, the analyses and design using conservative limit equilibrium methods (AASHTO simplified and FHWA structure stiffness methods) were compared with the working stress methods called K-stiffness method (original and modified K-stiffness methods). Moreover, the predictions from the K-stiffness methods were confirmed from the observed data for a reinforced embankment on a hard foundation. Furthermore, since the reinforcement loads increased due to post-construction settlements for reinforced embankments on soft foundation, a further modification of the K-stiffness method is proposed. This further modification is concerned with the proposed settlement factor. The validity of this further modification is demonstrated by the good agreement between the maximum measured reinforcement loads and the recalculated maximum reinforcement loads from further modified K-stiffness method.



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