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Cai, D., Baafi, E. & Porter, I. (2012). Modelling a longwall production system using flexsim 3D simulation software. In R. Singhal, E. Topal, K. Fytas, M. Yellishetty & A. Mehrotra (Eds.), Mine planning and equipment selection (pp. 107-114). Irvine, California, USA: The reading matrix Inc.


Longwall mining accounts for more than 75% of underground coal production in Australia. It is a popular underground coal mining method worldwide, mainly due to its high extraction ratio, high productivity and increased safety due to improved powered support units. A longwall system requires significant capital investment, and it is necessary to minimise the financial risk associated with this investment. Minimisation of this financial risk requires a sound knowledge of the relationship between underlying operational/technical constraints and associated costs. A discrete simulation model using the Flexsim 3D virtual reality environment has been developed to assist management evaluate the impact of technical and operational constraints on longwall productivity. Using such a model, any set of operational scenarios can be evaluated to establish the optimum operational parameters for a longwall system.