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Fathurrohman, M., Porter, A. & Worthy, A. L. (2013). Meta-development of Resources and Learning Designs: Providing ICT-based Tools for Use by Mathematics Teachers. Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 3140-3147). AACE.


This paper is a report of a meta-development research project of mathematical learning resources and learning designs. The process of meta-development was conducted through mapping of mathematical learning resources and learning designs based on an observation of 119 participating teachers in Bojonegara Sub District, Indonesia. The outcomes of the meta-development include two prototypes that are similar in concept, yet different in function: the first prototypes can be use for mapping mathematical learning resources in the Internet, while the second prototype can be use for documenting and sharing mathematics teaching and learning experiences. The prototypes were evaluated based on trial with a further 13 teachers.