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Zhang, X., Zhu, H., Huang, W., Shi, B. & Tieu, A. Kiet. (2013). Investigation on slab continuous straightening technology and deformation analysis. International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, 47 (1-4), 126-137.


A new method of setting continuous bending and straightening strain rate according to temperature subzone was brought forward. By making use of the high temperature creep character effectively during the continuous casting slab being straightened, a new model curve of continuous caster was developed. And by using theoretical and finite element method the strain and strain rate of the slab under multi-point straightening and the new continuous straightening were analysed. The result shows that for continuous straightening the strain rate of the slab is constant and lower than that of the slab under multi-point straightening, and the strain varies linearly. It is verified that the new continuous straightening technology is reasonable and superior.



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