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Guo, W. & Qin, H. Y. (2010). Thrust and bending moment of rigid piles subjected to moving soil. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 47 (2), 180-196.


An experimental apparatus was developed to investigate the behaviour of vertically loaded free-head piles in sand undergoing lateral soil movement(wf). A large number of tests have been conducted to date. Presented herein are 14 typical model pile tests concerning 2 diameters, 2 vertical pile loading levels, and varying sliding depths with the movement Wf driven by a triangular loading block. The results are provided regarding driving force, and induced shear force (T), bending movement (M) and deflection (y) along the piles with Wf/ normalised sliding depth. The tests enable simple expressions to be proposed, capitalised on theory for laterally loaded pile.

The new expressions well captures the evolution of M, T, and Y with soil movement observed in current model tests, and the ~5 times difference in maximum bending movement (Mmax) from two modes of loading. They further offer good estimation of Mmax for 8 in-situ pile tests and one centrifuge test pile. The study quantifies the sliding resistance offered by a pile for the given Wf profiles, pile location (related to boundary), and vertical load. It established the linear correlation between the maximum thrust (resistance T) and Mmax, regardless of magnitudes of Wf.



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