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Liu, J., Yang, S. & Jiang, C. (2013). Coastal reservoirs strategy for water resource development-a review of future trend. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 5 (3A), 336-342.


Water use and access become a more and more important determinant of environmental equity and human development according to the view held by the UN [1]. Water scarcity is one of the major crises which has overarching implications for other world problems especially poverty, hunger, ecosystem degradation, desertification, climate change, threatening world peace and security [2]. In the decades to come, freshwater consumed by human will get to a tipping point. Many projects and concepts have been proposed and implemented for several years to improve the effectiveness of us-ing water. These research activities can be grouped as: desalination plants; water detention (like rainwater tanks for col-lection and reuse); wastewater reuse; dams and reservoirs. This paper summarized the characters of these water solu-tions. But these methods can't provide enough fresh water due to limitations imposed by these methods as well as fol-lowing industry and population's development. To overcome these shortcomings, coastal reservoir strategy is proposed in the paper. This new strategy is technically feasible, environmentally sustainable and cost effective by demonstration and comparison.



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