A study on corrosion wear of cold rolling work roll



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Sun, W., Li, H. & Tieu, A. K. (2014). A study on corrosion wear of cold rolling work roll. Advanced Materials Research, 871 152-158.


The MMS-2B wear machine was used to study abrasion wear of work rolls in cold rolling by simulating emulsion cooling during the cold rolling process. The work roll materials used were 4%Cr, same as those in industrial production. The surface SEM scanning photographs were taken every 30 minutes until the friction experiment finished, and erosive appearance of emulsion on the work roll surface could be seen in the photos. The corrosive wear of the work roll surface is discussed. Findings show that the main causes of stress corrosion and pitting corrosion are uneven microstructure on the work roll surface and a large number of dislocation accumulations, which form microscopic cells. Water in steel rolling emulsion is the main conductive medium of electrochemistry reaction, and this intensifies the corrosive wear.

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