EDEM Material Model Calibration for simulating an iron ore transfer chute



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Grima, A. P., Wypych, P. W., Curry, D., Laroche, R., De Carvalho, R. M. & Tavares, L. M. M.. (2012). EDEM Material Model Calibration for simulating an iron ore transfer chute. 6th International Congress on the Science and Technology of Ironmaking 2012 (ICSTI) (pp. 1809-1820). Red Hook, United States: Curran Associates Inc.


Although responsible for only a relatively small fraction of the CAPEX, transfer towers and chutes are often responsible for significant challenges and down-time in the operation of ore processing plants and port facilities. In the past, these critical components of the conveying system have been designed using standard tests and methods, which do not appropriately describe the dynamics of the motion of the particles over the range of conditions found in operation. One significant tool that has evolved during recent decades to aid in designing these components is Discrete Element Method (DEM). DEM Solutions Ltd. (Edinburgh, UK) has made this method commercially available in the software package EDEM BulkSim". EDEM allows design engineers to gain valuable insight into transfer chute performance using a desktop computer. The paper demonstrates the importance of EDEM Material Model Calibration to produce representative, bulk material handling simulations in EDEM BulkSim by presenting a case study on a problematic transfer chute used for handling iron ore products at a port facility.

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