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Hajac, P. M., Rennie, A. & Zielinski, B. (2013). The K-theory of Heegaard quantum lens spaces. Journal of Noncommutative Geometry, 7 (4), 1185-1216.


Representing Z/NZ as roots of unity, we restrict a natural U(1)-action on the Heegaard quantum sphere to Z/NZ, and call the quotient spaces Heegaard quantum lens spaces. Then we use this representation of Z/NZ to construct an associated complex loine bundle. This paper proves the stable non-triviality of these line bundles over any of the quantum lens spaces we consider. We use the pullback structure of the C*-algebra of the lens space to compute its K-theory via the Mayer-Vietoris sequence, and an explicit form of the Bass connecting homomorphism to prove the stable non-triviality of the bundles. On the algebraic side we prove the universality of the coordinate algebra of such a lens space for aparticular set of generators and relations. We also prove the non-existence of non-trivial invertibles in the coordinate algebra of a lens space. Finally, we prolongate the Z/NZ-fibres of the Heegaard quantum sphere to U (1), and determine the algebraic structure of such U (1) prolongation.



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