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Yang, S. (2010). Mechanism of sediment transport in uni-directional, bi-directional flows. In J. Zhang, Y. Liu & S. Wu (Eds.), International Symposium on Hydraulic Physical Modeling and Field Investigation (pp. 6-12). Nanjing, China: Nanjing Hydr. Res. Institute.


The aim of the present study is to investigate the relationship between flow strength and sediment discharge. The appropriate definition of energy dissipation rate E in Bagnold's theorem is discussed and it is found that the sediment transport rate g, in unidirectional and bi-directional flows can be well predicted when E is defined as the product of bed shear stress T. and near bed velocity u. then the linear relationship between u. E and the sediment transport rate is examined using measured data. The good agreement between measured and predicted values indicates that the phenomena of sediment transport can be reasonably described by the near bed flow characteristics.