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Herrero, M. A. & Rodrigo, M. R. (2007). Remarks on accessible steady states for some coagulation-fragmentation systems. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series A, 17 (3), 541-552.


In this paper we consider some systems of ordinary differential equations which are related to coagulation-fragmentation processes. In particular, we obtain explicit solutions of such systems which involve certain coefficients obtained by solving a suitable algebraic recurrence relation. The coefficients are derived in two relevant cases: the high-functionality limit and the Flory-Stockmayer model. The solutions thus obtained are polydisperse (that is, is different from zero for all ) and may exhibit monotonically increasing or decreasing total mass. We also solve a monodisperse case (where is different from zero but is equal to zero for all ) in the high-functionality limit. In contrast to the previous result, the corresponding solution is now shown to display a sol-gel transition when the total initial mass is larger than one, but not when such mass is less than or equal to one.



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