Direct displacement-based design of steel-braced reinforced concrete frames



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Malekpour, S., Ghaffarzadeh, H. & Dashti, F. (2013). Direct displacement-based design of steel-braced reinforced concrete frames. Structural Design Of Tall And Special Buildings, 22 (18), 1422-1438.


This study investigates a direct displacement-based design procedure for dual system structures composed of reinforced concrete frames and steel bracings. In this procedure, in order to establish the design displacement profile before any analysis, strength proportions between bracings and frames are assigned. By using the displacement profile and damping characteristics of the structural components, the structure can be represented as an equivalent single-degree-of-freedom system. The effective period and secant stiffness of the structure are then calculated, and finally, after the base shear was computed, the design process can be implemented. Structures with 4, 8 and 12 stories have been designed using this methodology, and in order to validate it, seven accelerograms have been used for nonlinear time-history analysis of the above structures. The results demonstrate the efficiency of this procedure.

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