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Flentje, P. N. & Chowdhury, R. N. (1997). Risk assessment of sloping land using GIS-based mapping. 2nd Pan-American Symposium on Landslides and hte 2nd Brazilian Conference on Stability of Natural Slopes (pp. 1-7). ABMS.


In this paper, attention is drawn to GIS-based techniques for mapping and risk assessment for slopes and landslides. The authors focus on an approach developed recently for mapping of geology and slope stability in the Northern Illawarra (or the Northern Suburbs of Greater Wollongong Area) in New South Wales, Australia. The use of databases of geology and land instability and use of other GIS-based information relevant to sloping land for the development of a valid hazard and risk assessment procedure is explored. The developed approach will be applicable to other sloping areas and, in particular, urban areas both nationally and internationally.