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Sanz, A. G., Fuss, M. C., Blanco, F., Gorfinkiel, J. D., Almeida, D., da Silva, F., Limao-Vieira, P., Brunger, M. J. & Garcia, G. (2013). An investigation into electron scattering from pyrazine at intermediate and high energies. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139 (18), 184310-1-184310-9.


Total electron scattering cross sections for pyrazine in the energy range 10-500 eV have been measured with a new magnetically confined electron transmission-beam apparatus. Theoretical differential and integral elastic, as well as integral inelastic, cross sections have been calculated by means of a screening-corrected form of the independent-atom representation (IAM-SCAR) from 10 to 1000 eV incident electron energies. The present experimental and theoretical total cross sections show a good level of agreement, to within 10%, in the overlapping energy range. Consistency of these results with previous calculations (i.e., the R-matrix and Schwinger Multichannel methods) and elastic scattering measurements at lower energies, below 10 eV, is also discussed.



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