Liner ship fleet deployment with container transshipment operations



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Wang, S. & Meng, Q. (2012). Liner ship fleet deployment with container transshipment operations. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 48 (2), 470-484.


This paper proposes a liner ship fleet deployment (LSFD) problem with container transshipment operations. The proposed problem is formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming model which allows container transshipment operations at any port, any number of times, without explicitly defining the container transshipment variables. Experiments on the Asia-Europe-Oceania shipping network of a global liner shipping company show that more than one third (17-22 ports) of the total of 46 ports have transshipment throughputs. Computational studies based on randomly generated large-scale shipping networks demonstrate that the proposed model can be solved efficiently by CPLEX.

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