Network design for shipping service of large-scale intermodal liners



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Meng, Q., Wang, S. & Liu, Z. (2012). Network design for shipping service of large-scale intermodal liners. Transportation Research Record, 2269 42-50.


A model was developed for network design of a shipping service for large-scale intermodal liners that captured essential practical issues, including consistency with current services, slot purchasing, inland and maritime transportation, multiple-type containers, and origin-to-destination transit time. The model used a liner shipping hub-and-spoke network to facilitate laden container routing from one port to another. Laden container routing in the inland transportation network was combined with the maritime network by defining a set of candidate export and import ports. Empty container flow is described on the basis of path flow and leg flow in the inland and maritime networks, respectively. The problem of network design for shipping service of an intermodal liner was formulated as a mixed-integer linear programming model. The proposed model was used to design the shipping services for a global liner shipping company.

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