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Chauvie, S., Francis, Z., Guatelli, S., Incerti, S., Montarou, G., Nieminen, P. & Pia, M. G. (2006). Models of biological effects of radiation in the Geant4 toolkit. In B. Phlips (Eds.), IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (pp. 803-805). New Jersey, United States: IEEE.


A project, named Geant4-DNA, is in progress to extend the Geant4 simulation toolkit to model the effects of radiation with biological systems at cellular and DNA level. The first component implemented in the first development cycle of the project describes the fractional survival of a population of cells irradiated with photons or charged particles. The software system developed provides the user the option to choose among a small set of alternative models for the calculation of mammalian cell survival after irradiation. The flexible design adopted makes the system open to further extension to implement other cell survival models available in literature. The preliminary design of a prototype of the cell survival models implemented and preliminary results in some selected cell lines are described.



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