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B. Perera, S. Perera, P. Ciufo & V. J. Gosbell, "Comparison of methodologies for assessment of harmonic current emission limits for large installations connected to LV networks," in ICHQP 2012: 15th IEEE International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power, 2012, pp. 328-335.


With the proliferation of large, disturbing installations (loads and distribution generators) connected to public low voltage networks, managing the harmonic voltage levels in the network has become a key concern to distribution network service providers (DNSPs). Therefore, it is important that DNSPs limit the harmonic current emission by individual installations. This paper reviews a number of methodologies that exist in the current technical literature in relation to the assessment of harmonic current emission limits for disturbing installations connected to the public LV network. Application of these methodologies is demonstrated through a case study on a test network. The study shows that, though underlying philosophies and data requirements for each of the methodologies vary significantly, they provide a homologous estimation on the emission limits for each individual installation.



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