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Rennie, A. C. (2004). Summability for nonunital spectral triples. K-Theory: interdisciplinary journal for the development, application and influence of K-theory in the mathematical sciences, 31 (1), 71-100.


This paper examines the issue of summability for spectral triples for the class of nonunital algebras. For the case of (p, -) summability, we prove that the Dixmier trace can be used to define a (semifinite) trace on the algebra of the spectral triple. We show this trace is well-behaved, and provide a criteria for measurability of an operator in terms of zeta functions. We also show that all our hypotheses are satisfied by spectral triples arising from eodesically complete Riemannian manifolds. In addition, we indicate how the Local Index Theorem of Connes-Moscovici extends to our nonunital setting.