Modified vector base amplitude panning implementation on smart devices



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Meng, C., Raad, M. & Raad, R. (2013). Modified vector base amplitude panning implementation on smart devices. ISCIT 2013: 13th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (pp. 496-500). IEEE Xplore: IEEE.


This paper describes an extension to Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP) [7]. An audience targeting vector is introduced to the VBAP model to adjust the audio playback system according to the position of the audience. With this modification, it is possible to create virtual sound sources at positions that are better suited for the location of the target audience. Mobile applications such as mobile teleconferencing can take advantage of the surround sound technology to enhance the audio quality for users. In mobile surround, surround sound is produced by mobile telephone handsets, the locations of both the handsets and the audiences may vary during the play back. Therefore, we developed this vector based approach to allow us to move the loudspeakers and the audience independently from each other.

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