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Zhao, W., Ding, L., Cooper, P. & Perez, P. (2014). Smart Home Electricity Management in the Context of Local Power Resources and Smart Grid. Journal of Clean Energy Technologies, 2 (1), 73-79.


This work proposes a smart home electricity management approach that can predict and schedule electricity demand and supply by considering: the 'state' of the smart grid, local power generation capacity, and electrical consumption of household appliances. The prediction of weather conditions and the immediate and longer-term plans of the residential home occupants are crucial parameters in the smart home decision-making system that acts on behalf of the occupants. This paper provides a motivation example and associated scenarios, electrical energy supply/demand models, formalization of the cost optimization problem, and scheduling schemes for a smart home electricity management system in the context of a smart grid, smart appliances, and local renewable energy resources. A case study is provided to illustrate how the proposed approach works.



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