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Denifl, S., Garcia, G., Huber, B. A., Marinkovic, B. P., Mason, N., Postler, J., Rabus, H., Rixon, G., Solov'yov, A. V., Suraud, E. & Yakubovich, A. V. (2013). Radiation damage of biomolecules (RADAM) database development: current status. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 438 (1), 012016-1-012016-8.


Ion beam therapy offers the possibility of excellent dose localization for treatment of malignant tumours, minimizing radiation damage in normal tissue, while maximizing cell killing within the tumour. However, as the underlying dependent physical, chemical and biological processes are too complex to treat them on a purely analytical level, most of our current and future understanding will rely on computer simulations, based on mathematical equations, algorithms and last, but not least, on the available atomic and molecular data. The viability of the simulated output and the success of any computer simulation will be determined by these data, which are treated as the input variables in each computer simulation performed. The radiation research community lacks a complete database for the cross sections of all the different processes involved in ion beam induced damage: ionization and excitation cross sections for ions with liquid water and biological molecules, all the possible electron - medium interactions, dielectric response data, electron attachment to biomolecules etc. In this paper we discuss current progress in the creation of such a database, outline the roadmap of the project and review plans for the exploitation of such a database in future simulations.



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