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Elshamy, A. M., Rashed, A. N. Z., Mohamed, A. A., Faragalla, O. S., Mu, Y., Alshebeili, S. A. & El-Samie, F. E Abd. (2013). Optical image encryption based on chaotic baker map and double random phase encoding. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 31 (15), 2533-2539.


This paper presents a new technique for optical image encryption based on chaotic Baker map and Double Random Phase Encoding (DRPE). This technique is implemented in two layers to enhance the security level of the classical DRPE. The first layer is a pre-processing layer, which is performed with the chaotic Baker map on the original image. In the second layer, the classical DRPE is utilized. Matlab simulation experiments show that the proposed technique enhances the security level of the DRPE, and at the same time has a better immunity to noise.



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