Maintenance schedule optimisation for a railway power supply system



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Chen, S., Ho, T. & Mao, B. (2013). Maintenance Schedule Optimisation for a Railway Power Supply System. International Journal of Production Research, 51 (16), 4896-4910.


High reliability is the crucial requirement in railway operation and a power supply system is one of the key components of electrified railways. The cost-effectiveness of the maintenance works is also the concern of the railway operators while the time window on trackside maintenance is often limited. Maintenance scheduling is thus essential to uphold reliability and to reduce operation cost. It is however difficult to formulate the optimal schedule to meet both reliability and maintenance cost for a railway power supply system as a whole because of its functional complexity and demanding operation conditions. Maintenance scheduling models to achieve reliability and maintenance cost are proposed in this study. Optimisation algorithms are then developed to attain the solutions of the model. The applicability of the models and efficiency of the solution algorithms are demonstrated in an example. The proposed methods are vitally important for the railway engineers and operators to assure the service quality in the increasing demands of the modern electrified railways.

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