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Liu, M. D., Liu, J., Horpibulsuk, S. & Huang, W. (2013). Simulating the stress and strain behavior of loess via SCC model. In C. Leung, S. Goh & R. Shen (Eds.), 18th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference: Geotechnical Infrastructure (pp. 455-460). Singapore: Research Publishing.


The behaviour of collapsible soils (loess) is studied in this paper. Simulations of the stress and strain behaviour of the soil are made via the theoretical framework of Structured Cam Clay, with the effect of glutinous ingredient in loess suggested to be modelled as cementation effect. Based on the simulations, the capacity of the model for representing the behaviour loess is investigated, and discussions on modelling the behaviour of collapsible soil in general are given.