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Hao, L., Jiang, Z., Wei, D. & Cheng, X. (2013). Finite element analysis of roll bit behaviors in cold foil rolling process. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1532 478-483.


To investigate roll bite behaviors in cold foil rolling process, a 2D elasto-plastic finite model is established using FEM software ABAQUS. Contact pressure distribution and roll contour in roll bite are also presented, which demonstrate that foil rolling process is different from conventional strip rolling process. The contact area is composed of entry elastic zone, entry plastic zone, an extensive neutral zone, exit plastic zone and exit elastic zone. It conforms to the results of Fleck foil rolling theory. Elastic deformation and work hardening of foil in roll bite are taken into account. The effect of rolling parameters, such as friction coefficient, entry thickness and reduction rate on distribution of contact pressure and vertical displacement are also discussed.



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