21ST Century sustainable building design in Australia



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McCarthy, T. J. & Rasekh, H. (2013). 21ST Century sustainable building design in Australia. In S. Palaniappan & A. Mahalingam (Eds.), International Conference of Advances in Building Sciences 2012 (pp. 51-65). India: The Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai.


Green building design in Australia is entering its second decade as the Green Building Council of Australia, established in 2002, celebrates the 10th anniversary of Australia's first Green Star Rating Tool in 2013. This paper provides a retrospective of some of the key moments and achievements in green building design in Australia over that past decade. While Green Star ratings have provided a framework for new buildings, there have been a number of notable examples of building projects which have not been rated but yet represent truly sustainable outcomes. Finally, the paper concludes with two case studies of state of the art in Australian Green Building Design. The first is the Sustainable Building Research Centre, at the University of Wollongong - a net zero energy and net zero water building aiming to be the first in Australia to achieve all seven petals of the Living Building Challenge. The second case

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