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Hunt, C. H., Smith, A. B., Jordan, D. R. & Cullis, B. R. (2013). Predicting Additive and Non-additive Genetic Effects from Trials Where Traits Are Affected by Interplot Competition. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 18 (1), 53-63.


There are two key types of selection in a plant breeding program, namely selection of hybrids for potential commercial use and the selection of parents for use in future breeding. Oakey et al. (in Theoretical and Applied Genetics 113, 809-819, 2006) showed how both of these aims could be achieved using pedigree information in a mixed model analysis in order to partition genetic effects into additive and non-additive effects. Their approach was developed for field trial data subject to spatial variation. In this paper we extend the approach for data from trials subject to interplot competition. We show how the approach may be used to obtain predictions of pure stand additive and non-additive effects. We develop the methodology in the context of a single field trial using an example from an Australian sorghum breeding program.



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