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Longbottom, R. J., Monaghan, B. J., Nightingale, S. A. & Mathieson, J. G. 2013, 'Strength and bonding in reduced ironsand-coal compacts', Ironmaking and Steelmaking, vol. 40, no. 5, pp. 381-389.


In this investigation, the strength and bonding within reduced ironsand-coal compacts were studied, with the aim of better understanding the binding mechanisms in the reduced compacts and, based on this understanding, to improve their strength. Ironsand ore and sub-bituminous coal were mixed and pressed into compacts, which were reduced by heating in a thermogravimetric furnace to temperatures between 1273 and 1573 K under argon. The progress of the reaction was monitored by measuring the weight loss with time. The reduced compacts were found to have low strength in compression testing. The main form of bonding between the reduced ironsand particles in the compact was by the formation of a slag-like material. Increasing the final reduction temperature was found to have a profound effect on the strength of the compacts by promoting the formation of this slag-like material.



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