Improving fairness in IEEE 802.11 networks using MAC layer opportunistic retransmission



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B. Hagelstein, M. Abolhasan, D. Franklin & F. Safaei, "Improving fairness in IEEE 802.11 networks using MAC layer opportunistic retransmission," Computer Networks, vol. 57, (17) pp. 3410-3427, 2013.


This paper introduces DAFMAC (Decode And Forward MAC), a scalable opportunistic cooperative retransmission enhancement for the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol which operates without the need for additional explicit control signalling. Distributed opportunistic retransmission algorithms rely on selecting a single suitable relay without direct arbitration between nodes. Simulations show that DAFMAC offers a significant improvement in fairness for both throughput and jitter, giving multiple parallel data flows a more equal opportunity to utilise the channel. DAFMAC cooperative retransmissions are shown to reduce node energy consumption for a given throughput. Further, the DAFMAC relay selection algorithm is shown to scale very well in terms of complexity and memory requirements in comparison to other cooperative retransmission schemes.

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