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M. J. E.. Alam, K. Muttaqi & D. Soetanto, "Mitigation of rooftop solar PV impacts and evening peak support by managing available capacity of distributed energy storage systems," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 28, (4) pp. 3874-3884, 2013.


A high penetration of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) resources into low-voltage (LV) distribution networks creates reverse power-flow and voltage-rise problems. This generally occurs when the generation from PV resources substantially exceeds the load demand during high insolation period. This paper has investigated the solar PV impacts and developed a mitigation strategy by an effective use of distributed energy storage systems integrated with solar PV units in LV networks. The storage is used to consume surplus solar PV power locally during PV peak, and the stored energy is utilized in the evening for the peak-load support. A charging/discharging control strategy is developed taking into account the current state of charge (SoC) of the storage and the intended length of charging/discharging period to effectively utilize the available capacity of the storage. The proposed strategy can also mitigate the impact of sudden changes in PV output, due to unstable weather conditions, by putting the storage into a short-term discharge mode. The charging rate is adjusted dynamically to recover the charge drained during the short-term discharge to ensure that the level of SoC is as close to the desired SoC as possible. A comprehensive battery model is used to capture the realistic behavior of the distributed energy storage units in a distribution feeder. The proposed PV impact mitigation strategy is tested on a practical distribution network in Australia and validated through simulations. 2013 IEEE.

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