Online health information for chronic disease: diabetes



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Hassan, N., Win, K. T. & Hyland, P. N. (2013). Online health information for chronic disease: diabetes. In N. Wickramasinghe (Eds.), Pervasive Health Knowledge Management: Healthcare Delivery in the Information Age (pp. 245-270). United States: Springer New York.


The focus of healthcare has changed from healthcare provider paternalistic approach to consumer-focused approach. The aim of this study is to implement an online health information site for patient education of Diabetes. To achieve this, design criteria for effective patient education were considered and diabetes patients' information site was implemented, which includes patient information access, diabetes challenge, administrator module, and the scheduler module. Implementing patients' access for their health information with providing patients tailored health information according to their needs to enhance patient education is important. This project contributes vastly in consumer health informatics as it develops the system that will enhance consumer involvement in their own healthcare.

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