Biologically inspired approaches for visual information processing and analysis



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A. Beghdadi, A. Bouzerdoum, K. M. Iftekharuddin & M. Larabi, "Biologically inspired approaches for visual information processing and analysis," Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 28, (8) pp. 809-810, 2013.


Recent developments in digital technologies that make use of large scale image and video data, such as the internet, multimedia systems, digital TV, digital cinema, and mobile/wireless devices, have increased the need for efficient processing, storage, and transmission of visual information. It is now widely acknowledged that such technologies can further benefit by incorporating concepts from human vision and corresponding implementation of biologically inspired models. Indeed, in many applications, the human observer plays a crucial role in the decision-making tasks such as diagnosis, recognition, and evaluation based on visual assessment of images. Therefore, biologically inspired image/video processing and analysis approaches have been receiving considerable interest in recent years. This special issue presents some of the recent advances in image and video processing techniques inspired by the human visual system (HVS), with applications to multimedia, visual pattern recognition, surveillance, visual information coding and security, and other related subjects.

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