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Almeida, D., da Silva, F. Ferreira., Garcia, G. & Limao-Vieira, P. (2013). Dynamic of negative ions in potassium-D-ribose collisions. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139 (11), 114304-1-114304-6.


We present negative ion formation from collisions of neutral potassium atoms with D-ribose (C5H10O5), the sugar unit in the DNA/RNA molecule. From the negative ion time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectra, OH− is the main fragment detected in the collision range 50–100 eV accounting on average for 50% of the total anion yield. Prominence is also given to the rich fragmentation pattern observed with special attention to O− (16 m/z) formation. These results are in sharp contrast to dissociative electron attachment experiments. The TOF mass spectra assignments show that these channels are also observed, albeit with a much lower relative intensity. Branching ratios of the most abundant fragment anions as a function of the collision energy are obtained, allowing to establish a rationale on the collision dynamics.



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