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Arumugam, S., Xing, A., Goozee, G. & Holloway, L. (2013). Detecting VMAT delivery errors: A study on the sensitivity of the ArcCHECK-3D electronic dosimeter. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 444 (1), 1-4.


The sensitivity of the ArcCHECK 3D dosimeter in detecting VMAT delivery errors has been investigated. Dose and leaf positional errors of different magnitudes were introduced to whole arc and individual control points (CPs) of a simple open arc VMAT plan. The error introduced and error free plans were delivered and measured using the ArcCHECK device. The measured doses were compared against the treatment planning system calculated doses using gamma criteria with 2 percent 2mm and 3 percent 3mm tolerance levels. ArcCHECK effectively detected the dose errors resulting from MLC leaf positioning errors in limited CPs and Whole arc. For errors introduced to MU, ArcCHECK effectively detected the MU delivery errors in whole arc but not the MU errors introduced to CPs in integrated dose comparison.



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