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Dong, F., Luo, J., Zhu, X., Wang, Y. & Shen, J. (2013). A personalized hybrid recommendation system oriented to e-commerce mass data in the cloud. IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (pp. 1020-1025). IEEE Xplore: IEEE SMC.


Personalized recommendation technology in Ecommerce is widespread to solve the problem of product information overload. However, with the further growth of the number of E-commerce users and products, the original recommendation algorithms and systems will face several new challenges: (1) to model user’s interests more accurately; (2) to provide more diverse recommendation modes; and (3) to support large-scale expansion. To address these challenges, from the actual demands of E-commerce applications (as Made-in-China website), a personalized hybrid recommendation system, which can support massive data set, is designed and implemented in this paper by using Cloud technology. Hereinto, the recommendation algorithms are designed based on a novel user interesting model for different scenarios; and the massive data parallel processing techniques in Cloud computing is utilized to realize the effective execution of recommendation algorithms. Finally, several experiments are presented to highlight the system performance.



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