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Zhu, S., Zhu, C., Ma, J., Meng, Q., Guo, Z., Yu, Z., Lu, T., Li, Y., Zhang, D. & Lau, W. Ming. (2013). Controlled fabrication of Si nanoparticles on graphene sheets for Li-ion batteries. RSC Advances, 3 (17), 6141-6146.


A new route is presented for the synthesis of Si nanoparticle/Graphene (Si-Gr) composite by a sonochemical method and then magnesiothermic reduction process. During the process, silica particles were firstly synthesized and deposited on the surface of graphene oxide (SiO2-GO) by ultrasonic waves, subsequent low-temperature magnesiothermic reduction transformed SiO 2 to Si nanoparticles in situ on graphene sheets. The phase of the obtained materials was influenced by the weight ratio of Mg to SiO 2-GO. With the optimized ratio of 1 : 1, we can get Si nanoparticles on Gr sheets, with the average particle size of Si around 30 nm. Accordingly, the resultant Si-Gr with 78 wt% Si inside delivered a reversible capacity of 1100 mA h g-1, with very little fading when the charge rates change from 100 mA g-1 to 2000 mA g-1 and then back to 100 mA g-1. Thus, this strategy offers an efficient method for the controlled synthesis of Si nanoparticles on Gr sheets with a high rate performance, attributing to combination of the nanosized Si particles and the graphene. 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.



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