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Ismail, A., Yan, J. & Shen, J. (2013). Incremental service level agreements violation handling with time impact analysis. Journal of Systems and Software, 86 (6), 1530-1544.


This research addresses a critical issue of service level agreement (SLA) violation handling, i.e., time constraint violation related to service-based systems (SBS). Whenever an SLA violation occurs to a service, it can potentially impact dependent services, leading to unreliable SBS. Therefore, an SLA violation handling support is much required to produce a robust and adaptive SBS. There are several approaches to realizing exceptions and faults handling support for SBS, focusing on the detection stage, the analysis stage, and the resolution stage. However, the current works have not considered the handling strategy that takes the impact information into account to reduce the amount of change. This is essential to effectively handle the violation while consuming a reasonable recovery execution time. Therefore, in this research, we propose an incremental SLA violation handling with time impact analysis. The main role of the time impact analysis in the approach is to automatically generate an impact region based on the negative time impact conditions. Furthermore, the time impact analysis generates the appropriate time requirements. Both the region and the requirement are useful to support the recovery process. Based on a simplified evaluation study, the outcome suggests that the proposed approach can reduce the amount of service change within a reasonable recovery execution time.



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