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Othman, S., Beydoun, G., Clark, R. & Opper, S. (2013). DM model transformations framework. 24th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS 2013) (pp. 1-10). Melbourne: RMIT University.


Metamodelling produces a 'metamodel' capable of generalizing the domain. A metamodel gathers all domain concepts and their relationships. It enables partitioning a domain problem into sub-problems. Decision makers can then develop a variety of domain solutions models based on mixing and matching solutions for sub-problems indentified using the metamodel. A repository of domain knowledge structured using the metamodel would allow the transformation of models generated from a higher level to a lower level according to scope of the problem on hand. In this paper, we reveal how a process of mixing and matching disaster management actions can be accomplished using our Disaster Management Metamodel (DMM). The paper describes DM model transformations underpinned by DMM. They are illustrated benefiting DM users creating appropriate DM solution models from extant partial solutions.