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P. P. Ciufo, D. Platt & B. S. P. Perera, "Magnetic circuit of a synchronous reluctance motor," Electric Machines and Power Systems, vol. 27, (3) pp. 253-270, 1999.


This paper presents a model of the magnetic circuit for an axially laminated synchronous reluctance motor. The basis of the modelling technique is the determination of a value for an equivalent ``q-channel'' reluctance. This reluctance contains all the effects of paths available to q-axis flux through the rotor body. Expressions for the distribution of airgap and other motor fluxes have been developed from basic analyses involving mmf and continuity of flux. The foundations of all of these expressions are the physical parameters of the motor. The equations developed have been applied to a 370 W motor and the results from models presented are compared with results obtained from a finite element analysis of the same motor where good agreement has been achieved.



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