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Kianfar, K., Indraratna, B. & Rujikiatkamjorn, C. (2013). Radial consolidation model incorporating the effects of vacuum preloading and non-Darcian flow. Geotechnique: international journal of soil mechanics, 63 (12), 1060-1073.


A modified 150 mm Rowe cell equipped with pore water pressure measurement was used to capture the flow relationship during vacuum-assisted radial consolidation. Based on the measured data, a radial consolidation model incorporating the effects of vacuum preloading is proposed, based on a non-linear relationship between the flow velocity and hydraulic gradient. The predictions of the proposed consolidation model are then compared with the predictions based on Hansbo’s Darcian and non- Darcian models. The agreement between the proposed model and the measured data is shown, and the advantages of the proposed model compared with the existing models are discussed. An embankment case history taken from the reclamation project at the Port of Brisbane, Australia, was analysed, based on the current solution, and compared with the field measurements.



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