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Kuzmikova, L., Norrish, J., Li, H. & Callaghan, M. (2011). Research to establish a systematic approach to safe welding procedure development using austenitic filler material for fabrication of high strength steel. 16th International Conference on the Joining of Materials (pp. 1-13).


High strength, thermo-mechanically treated steels often require very careful control of welding procedures to ensure freedom from hydrogen assisted cold cracking (HACC) in the weld metal and heat affected zone (HAZ) whilst avoiding undue loss of heat affected zone strength. In practice this leads to restricted operating envelopes and the requirement for rigorous procedure management. An alternative approach is the use of austenitic welding consumables but whilst this may be expected to expand the process parameter envelope its use is often restricted by adherence to procedures previously developed for ferritic consumables. The current paper describes the research undertaken to establish a systematic approach to the development of optimum, cost effective procedures for welding high strength quenched and tempered steel with an austenitic filler.